Alltså de där snubbarna som jobbar på Blizzard (supporten på WoW rättare sagt) måste gå på magiska svampar eller annan psykofarma.
Svaret på min felanmälan i WoW löd:

Greetings Nathak,

Sorry I was unable to contact you online dude, but as you can tell we are extremely busy, Deathwing has started acting out again and is creating mess all over the office, seriously you should see the state of his desk.

Hey dude, the reason that you are having issues at the moment in deepholm is due to the fact that you have a quest called Diplomacy first in your log book, this is the only quest that you can currently get in the area, complete that it will unlock more of the zone.

I hope this will make you day a bit better :)

Take care mate,
<GM> Slitixis
EN Game Master
Blizzard Entertainment

Oh, and from me, and all of us here at blizzard, we hope you have an awesome week, Just remember, Deathwing has a great ability to make gnomes extra crispy….So don’t forget to give him a high 5  next time you see him.


Visst är det grillsäsong. Men grillade gnomer? Smakar det så gott egentligen? :)


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